'on off the beaten tracks in complete isolation within pristine natural environment'

Virgin Trails around massive Himalayan range of mountains, certainly an adventure of pure delights leading you away from main flow of trekkers, villages into complete wilderness in the harmony of nature and giant peaks that encircles you in our Himalayan Virgin Trails trekking.

If you are bored with popular trekking areas of Everest and Annapurna, this will be your right choice as our adventure leads you to complete isolation for you to enjoy local culture, custom of remote traditional farm villages where the local hardly see foreigners passing their way.

Certainly this will be your next destinations in near future, so hurry and start booking earlier before other trekkers penetrates the virgin areas before you.

We have pioneered and explored 'off the beaten tracks' around the unexplored areas finding new routes to make a fresh new destination on untouched and unspoiled remote mountain villages, where you can witness age old traditions and culture preserved as it is since past hundred of centuries.

On this region walking around isolated villages, pristine forested areas full of dangling moss withered by hundreds of years of survival from snow-wind-rain and Himalayan sunshine around

Virgin Trails in the shadow of rolling green hills and towering mountains.

Most of our Himalayan Virgin Trails listed programs involves with long drive and scenic country walks includes short flights in some areas as per chosen trekking itineraries, where treks leads you to remote far western and far eastern Himalayan region.