"scenic and wonderful walks in complete wilderness around North mid West Himalaya"

Manaslu & Ganesh Himal, truly an adventure of unforgettable experience in total wilderness away from mainstream trekking trails, where you can explore and walk in complete tranquil environment within the shade of world's 8th highest Mt. Manaslu with massive Ganesh Himal.

Manaslu in native language calls ‘Kutang’ from Tibetan origin, as upper Manaslu area lies close to the border of Nepal / Tibet one of the main old Trans Himalayan Trade Route, habitat mostly by strong Tibetan influence of Buddhist religions and culture.

Mt. Manaslu originally derived from Sanskrit word “Manas” means ‘spirit of mountain or the soul’ (like Lake Manasarover of Mt. Kailash within Tibet).

Manaslu & Ganesh Himal situated North Mid Western Himalaya region with world 8th highest Mt. Manaslu at 8,163m and 26,781 ft high with its range of peaks Boudha and Huinchuli, where massive Ganesh Himal also known by the name Yangra in local names of Tibetan origin the main peak Ganesh I stands at 7,422 m /24,350 ft high with range of peaks.

Trekking to Manaslu and Ganesh Himal leads you to absolute tranquility within its pristine surrounding of high rolling green hills in the shade of snow clad peaks where you can walk with daily views of mountains.

Culturally a unique place where you can explore the hidden areas of Manaslu & Ganesh Himal region, where few adventurer and trekkers often explore and visits this area due to its remoteness and lack of lodge and tea house facilities, as this route situated on the off the beaten tracks, away from main stream trekking.

The people and its villages are of mixed origin at lower elevation of Hindu and Buddhist as the walk progress higher up into pure Buddhist region of Manaslu people known as Bhotia's and Tamang around Ganesh Himal area both tribe interwoven with Buddhism teaching of similar culture and religion.

Travelers and adventurer looking for hidden and tranquil Himalayan destination this will be the perfect trekking and adventure holiday where you can enjoy great mixture of culture and views of high snow capped mountains in serene environment.